About us...

Meet the Miller's and taste our wine!

Trevor and Lora Miller moved from Camrose, Alberta after purchasing a 21 acre vineyard in the heart of the Columbia Valley. Their three children (Reid, Keaton and Quinlan) and two dogs (Magnum and Musket) have worked along side their parents in the vineyard and a new home construction since Spring of 2020! The vineyard has been a family labour of love which has called out to many other friends and family members over the last year, to work in the vineyard and harvest the grapes. Who knew purchasing a vineyard would create so much excitement amongst our loved ones! But the help is greatly appreciated and muchly needed. Trevor has had to pivot his vast knowledge of agriculture, agronomy and canola to viticulture, wine making and grapes. The learning curve has been steep but the rewards have been bountiful!


  • Our Kootenay Region

    Located in the southeastern corner of British Columbia, the Kootenay region is home to pristine rivers, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, mineral hot springs, alpine meadows and snow-capped mountains.

    Mountain Soul wines are grown on the majestic slopes of the Columbia Valley.  A range of diverse microclimates along this valley provides the unique growing conditions that enhances the flavour array of our grapes.  The warm days and cool nights hasten and concentrate the sugar profiles.  Combined with rich soils from sediment deposits heighten how transparently the grapes respond to the valley’s unique terroir. Giving way to a characteristic balance in flavours that results in an elegant wine with ripe fruit aromas.

    In select microclimates, grapes have been grown in the Kootenays since 1995.

  • Our Story

    My name is Trevor Miller and I am joined on this venture by my wife Lora and our three children.

    I grew up on the family grain farm in Central Alberta which fed my passion for agriculture at an early age. I continue to be nurtured by a need to practice sustainable and responsible farming practices. I later obtained a Masters Degree in Plant Breeding so one could argue, agriculture is my blood.

    Our family has embraced our new experience switching to Viticulture in 2020 . It has been a thrilling, rewarding experience thus far!

    We continue to be awed by the beauty of the Kootenay's and feel grateful to live amongst the bounty of our 21 acre vineyard. This experience has enriched our family lives with the greatest adventure that continues to feed our soul. It was the feeling of being awestruck that inspired our name...

    Mountain Soul Wines.

  • Our Process

    Specific to our microclimate our wines have much to offer any lover of wine. Our viticulture process allows for sustainable farming techniques that compliment to the attributes of the land. Our grape crush and wine fermenting process is fully controlled and crafted with our 'state of the art' equipment within our homebased winery.